Dog with Mask Veterinarian Payments

Pet Owners love their pets and a convenient payment experience.

According to the American Pets Product Association, Americans spent $29.3 billion on veterinarian care and product sales for their pets in 2019. That number speaks volumes for the important part that pets play in our lives. And veterinarians are beloved by pet owners for the care and love they show to these important family members.

However, there is one thing that sits in the background of treatment and care for pets that customer’s love but don’t talk about. And that’s easy payment methods including contactless payments, payment plans & recurring billing plans that they do not have to worry about. However, it makes pet owners lives easier and less stressful, bonding them even closer to their veterinarian’s office

Spot or Garfield might wrack up some bills at the vet with annual health checks, vaccinations, surgical procedures and more. And equine veterinarians that specialize in large animals have customers with large expenses when caring for these animals. Sometimes these bills are more than customers expect. And that’s where payments enter the story.

A veterinarian that offers many different payment acceptance options will keep customers coming back loyally and activate a healthy referral network for the practice. Our veterinarian customers tell us the following payment options are the most popular:

  • Curbside, contactless payments – due to COVID, most practices are offering curbside check in. With a smart payment terminal, office staff can offer contactless payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. without ever needing to touch the customer’s card.
  • Text Payments – Most customers use their mobile phone for everything, including payments. Another worthwhile contactless payment option is to text a payment request to your customer. They simply click the link in the text message and pay using a secure online form. This is easy to do from their car, work or home.
  • Debit, Credit, Check & ACH – given a veterinarian’s customer portfolio, there will be some customers that prefer debit or credit while others prefer a monthly ACH (think large animal owners) or check payment. It shouldn’t matter what the customer is presenting for payment – practices should accept all methods to ensure payment and make it convenient for the customer.
  • Recurring Payment Plans –some procedures or treatments for pets can be costly, especially when they are unexpected. Many veterinarians offer recurring payment plans that can be billed monthly using a credit card on file. Why not pay offer your customer the ability to pay the $4,000 surgery bill over 6 months instead of at one time? This same option can be used for pet wellness care plans that offer a variety of services, like shots and well visits, over the course of a year for Fido.

Money and payment can be very stressful for customers. And that is why veterinarians that implement these convenient payment options create a bond with their customers for life.

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