Donations Page

Nonprofit organizations can create a customizable donations page within seconds to post on their website, social media, QR codes, etc. Donors can donate any amount they would like using ACH or credit card and set up a recurring donation schedule if they wish.

Text To Donate

We provide nonprofits with a unique toll free number that you promote to receive donations. Donors simply text the amount they would like to donate and are directed to a secure page where they choose either ACH or a credit card as their payment method for a one time or recurring donation. Immediately they receive their receipt, all from their smart phone.


Your clients can manage multiple causes, events, or fundraisers at the same time. Enable them to keep track of specific payments by setting up a campaign for their payment page which can be viewed in reporting. Then post and promote your campaign specific link wherever you would like.

Online Forms
1-step giving

Frictionless, 1-step giving

No list or payment methods on file, no problem! A first-time donor is sent to enroll with you and make their first donation. Their donation method is securely saved for future 1-step giving.

Easily Promoted

Seamlessly post and promote your campaign through your social media, SMS number, and QR codes to name a few.

Easily Promoted