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CustomerConnect B2B Payment Solution

Arm your B2B Accounts Payable Teams with CustomerConnect, a technology platform providing secure automated tools that run credit reports, invoice accounts & complete timely payments, keeping your balance sheet healthy. Backed by our Level 3 service, you wont be waiting for incoming payments much longer.

CustomerConnect provides the ultimate solution in B2B payments & invoicing by unifying customer credit applications, invoicing & payments into a single process. The result is that all invoices get paid on the day they are due, giving businesses improved reliability in their cash flow management

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How it Works

CustomerConnect automates B2B payments & invoicing easily, all in one platform. 

Customer Credit Checks - Know Your Customer

Access credit checks to verify your customer’s credit worthiness. You can choose what size bundle you would like to purchase and keep track of the number of credit checks you have available in the top right corner.

CustomerConnect Credit Customer Checks

Complete Credit Checks Only (No Automated Payments)

You have the option to run a credit check only without implementing automated payments. This is beneficial when you want to understand a potential client(s) credit history. Simply click on the “Clients” tab to begin running a credit check. From here, click the blue “Add” button. Once that is selected, a window will pop up to input the new client information.

CustomerConnect Credit Checks No Payments

Entering the company name is optional. You are only required to provide either the email address or mobile phone number of the company you wish to verify, then select “Yes” to run credit check only. Click “send email” or “send text”.

Add Contacts to CustomerConnect

Then your potential client will receive an email or a text that reads:

<<Your Company Name>> wants to thank you for your recent inquiry. Click here to fill out the credit application.

Credit Checks with Automated Payments (End-to-End Solution)

Our system allows for an easy end-to-end process from credit checks to getting paid.

To automate invoices and payments with your credit checks, you must first set your terms. To add and edit terms for your credit checks, navigate to the terms tab.

CustomerConnect Payment Terms

From here, the first terms you set are the payment date for checks for both “Passing Credit Scores” and “Failing Credit Scores”. These terms than become your default settings related to these scores.

Below the passing/failing credit terms settings, you can choose to allow your contacts to opt out of automated payments. If they choose to opt out, they become a Verified Contact.

As an admin, you can also choose to allow your Portal users to edit the terms of your credit checks. If you select “No”, then those users won’t have access to the “Terms” tab.

Lastly, you can choose to apply a late fee for past due invoices if you use our invoicing system. This can be set from the “Invoicing Settings” as a percentage or as a flat rate.

Upon submission of a credit application, an email will be sent to notify you of a completed app to review.

CustomerConnect Online Application

Adding New Clients

Adding a new client is simple. First, make sure your terms are set up the way you would like, then navigate to the “Clients” tab. Click on the blue “Add” button. Once that is selected, a window will pop up to input the new client information.

When adding a new client, you can choose to only run a credit check or you can run a credit check with payment terms. Regardless, the payment information will be collected.

CustomerConnect Adding New Clients
CustomerConnect Credit Checks No Payments

Under the “Clients” tab, you can view the clients you currently have in the system. From here, you can view your client’s details, view the agreement between you and your client, and you can also delete the client. Below is an image of what the client detail page will look like.

Customer Connect Contact Details

APIs for Customer Connect

We allow for CustomerConnect integration into your existing software. Developers can review our swagger documents for more information. These documents include our free invoicing system which easily enables the setup of automatic invoice payments on their due date.

CustomerConnect APIs

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