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AFP Annual Conference

We are pleased to be attending the 2016 Annual Connference focused on breaking boundaries. The AFP Annual Conference gathers over 6,500 treasury and financial professionals.

The CEO’s Guide to Navigating the Threat Landscape

Protecting against known cybersecurity threats is crucial...our advice to other companies is to make sure you are updating your defenses to protect against the threats already out there. Helping to protect against what we already know could prove critical to your business...

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Webinar: Securing New Payment Solutions for Credit Unions

Streamlining the Payments and Merchant sign up process while remaining compliant

Everyone is looking for innovative payment solutions that are quick, easy and affordable to implement. This webinar will explore how linked2pay and LexisNexis team to provide everything needed by a Credit Union - from an automated risk-managed environment for registration to underwriting, and the delivery of ACH including Same Day options, RDC and credit card payment solutions.

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Linked2pay to Support HarleyPay Business Payments

Harley Financial Services has launched business payments software HarleyPay for its merchant clients through provider linked2pay's Bank Centric Payments platform...

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Harley Financial Services Teams with linked2pay with Launch of HarleyPay

linked2pay announced today that Harley Financial Services, a leading payment processing solution provider has launched HarleyPay on the Bank Centric Payments platform. As a business payment solution, HarleyPay offers merchants an array of fully integrated options to accept card, ACH and RDC payments...

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Podcast: BANK ON IT

Episode 063 Bank Centric Payments and Social Media...

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linked2pay Delivers Bank Integrated Same-Day ACH Payments

linked2pay, the platform provider of Bank Centric Payments, announced today that they have added bank integrated same-day ACH payments to their platform. Now their bank, acquirer and ISO partners can offer this new and highly anticipated same-day payment option to merchants in a seamless manner side-by-side with card acceptance...

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Vendor-ISO Team Ups Are a Rocky But Inevitable Prospect

Independent sales organizations and independent software vendors are equally threatened by disruption, making an alliance a logical — if uneasy — step for both groups...

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Avidia Bank Offers Same-Day ACH Payments

Avidia Bank and linked2pay, the technology platform provider of Avidia Pay, announced today that they have added same-day ACH payments with their platform. Now the bank, can offer this new and highly anticipated same-day ACH payment option to merchants in a seamless manner side-by-side with card acceptance...

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linked2pay Adds Automated Merchant Approval, Onboarding

linked2pay, the platform provider of Bank Centric Payments, announced on Wednesday (Sept. 21) that it has added automated merchant approval and onboarding to its service...

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linked2pay Adds Real-Time Merchant Approval With Automated Onboarding to Bank Centric Payments

linked2pay, the platform provider of Bank Centric Payments, announced today that they have added automated merchant approval and onboarding. This removes a major barrier for acquirers and ISOs by greatly simplifying the option to add ACH and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) for new or existing card merchants...

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linked2pay Adds Automatic ACH Approval for Merchant Accounts

As the payments industry prepares to lay the foundation for same-day Automated Clearing House payments this week, technology provider linked2pay is combining merchant onboarding for acquirers with real-time acceptance of ACH and other payment services...

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Fintech, Payments and Banking

An article that examines how banks can create opportunities by leveraging fintech and payments industry knowledge with insight from a range of recognized leaders...

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CC Catalyst


We are pleased to be attending this event with a mission to serve as a forum for transforming the business of banking and shaping the future for banks.

The event is hosted by CCG Catalyst, a leading management consulting firm connecting bank strategy to innovation, transformation, and disruption. The firm advises their clients on the direction of banking, development of the strategy and managing the disruption related to the execution of the tactics. CCG Catalyst leverages decades of deep industry experience to provide practical business strategies and organization, analytics, and technology consulting for our clients.

Payments Summit

Payments Summit

We are pleased to be attending this event with Chargent, the leading payment processing solution on the Salesforce AppExchange, which has integrated with the Bank Centric Payments platform powered by linked2pay. This new payments gateway option is expected to become a favorite among B2B and B2C merchants looking for a more bank direct method to provide their customers with a seamless ACH and credit card payment experience.

ISOs Fight for Survival by Seeking Allies in Other Industries

Acquirers and independent sales organizations have long heard a similar refrain: Adjust to the fast pace of technology or perish. It was a blunt way of saying the days of simply pulling point of sale hardware of out a box, plugging it in and moving on to the next customer, are over. But some acquirers and ISOs have found a way to prosper...

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BankNews has been a trusted source in banking news for over 130 years. We are honored that they placed us among an impressive list of leading companies in a competition for their Innovative Solutions Award in the category of Management/Operations/Processing Solutions.

We urge everyone to vote for linked2pay's Bank Centric Payments. As you may remember in 2014 we won the Gold Medal for Innovation Via ACH. It would be great for us to win this award and gain more recognition among bankers nationally.

Voting starts Monday August 8th on this site:

IMPORTANT: Votes are required for each of the four categories to proceed - we are under category #4

The Innovative Solutions Awards recognize those companies that have introduced or enhanced a product or service designed to help banks better serve their customers.

Entries are divided into four categories. Please cast your vote in each of the following categories:

1. Authentication/Fraud/Cybersecurity
2. Consulting/Outsourcing/Training Solutions
3. Digital Banking (Online/Remote/Mobile) Solutions
4. Management/Operations/Processing Solutions

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Same Day ACH

Preparing for the launch of Same Day ACH

According to an April press release from NACHA: The nation’s top financial institutions are on target to offer Same Day ACH payments beginning September 23, 2016, according to the results of a new survey conducted by NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association®. Ninety-five percent of respondents indicated they will offer their clients Same Day ACH origination services by year's end. The survey identified the two strongest use cases among those offering Same Day services: payroll and business-to-business (B2B) payments, with 100 percent planning to offer same-day payroll payments and 95 percent planning to offer same-day B2B payments, in addition to services for expedited bill pay and person-to-person (P2P).

We are pleased to report that our Bank Centric Payments platform is also on target for the September 23, 2016 delivery of Same Day ACH.

The Bank Centric Payments platform provides an easily deployed risk-managed environment for the registration, underwriting and delivery of ACH, RDC and credit card payments through one easy to use, cloud based system.

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Innovation: Bank Centric Payments

The idea of banks being at the center of payments may sound intuitive and even obvious. Yet in reality, most banks have not taken advantage of the critical role they should play in the payments process. “This role has become more important with the proliferation of technology that allows banks to play a meaningful and active role in payments, and avoid being crowded out by the likes of...

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linked2pay successfully completes the Service Organization Control (SOC 1 Type II) Audit

The security of your data is of paramount importance to linked2pay. Our 15 year history of commitment to the controls that secure client data is further demonstrated by our successful completion of the Service Organization Control (SOC 1 Type II) audit. The report serves as a detailed confirmation of our internal controls for processing services, and supports our commitment to meeting regulations, standards, and specific set of criteria as established by a widely recognized and trusted authority.

Chargent Integrates to the linked2pay Bank Centric Payments platform bringing AvidiaPay to Salesforce

linked2pay announced today that Chargent, the leading payment processing solution on the Salesforce AppExchange, has integrated with the Bank Centric Payments platform powered by linked2pay. This new payments gateway option is expected to become a favorite among B2B and B2C merchants looking for a more bank direct method to provide their customers with a seamless ACH and credit card payment experience...

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ISOs Send Mixed Signals on Automation

If an independent sales organization wants to convert a merchant to the most current faster payment technologies, the ISO itself must practice what it preaches. The onboarding process can set a bad tone for the relationship if it is too bogged down with paperwork. Automated onboarding systems can ease that burden while also demonstrating firsthand the value of a faster system...

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Payments 2016

Club Prophet Systems adds ACH payments option via linked2pay API

Club Prophet Systems, the world leader in Golf Management Software, has integrated linked2pay API and added ACH payment acceptance as an option for over 1000 golf facilities in the USA. Introduced at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, the addition of ACH joins and complements credit card as the primary payment acceptance methods within the Golf Management Software...

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linked2pay Adds ACH Option to Golf Management Software

Golf course management software provider Club Prophet Systems is using the linked2pay application interface to add Automated Clearing House payment acceptance as an option for its clients...

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Avidia Bank

Avidia Bank among American Bankers Top 10 Community Bank IT Projects

Avidia Bank of Hudson, Mass., wants to be a bank innovation leader. It doesn't want to be good at adopting new technology for a community bank — it wants to be an industrywide standout...

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Payments 2016

We will be at PAYMENTS 2016

PAYMENTS 2016 marks an important milestone in how those that are driving and adopting innovative payments solutions and practices share information to create common goals that unite progress with clarity of purpose. This unique conference experience encapsulates the players and thought-leadership that are setting the agenda for the future, and propels industry dialogue forward to ensure the continued strength and integrity of the ACH Network and the U.S. payments ecosystem, and their responsiveness to the customer.

We will be exhibiting with Avidia Bank in booth number 237.

About the host - NACHA administers and facilitates private-sector operating rules for ACH payments, which define the roles and responsibilities of financial institutions and other ACH Network participants. As a not-for-profit association, NACHA also represents more than 10,000 financial institutions via 13 Regional Payments Associations and Direct Membership. Through the Payments Innovation Alliance, accreditation programs, conferences and educational offerings, NACHA unites payments systems stakeholders, fostering dialogue and strengthening the ACH Network together.

Massachusetts Banker

Avidia Bank: What The Tech Is Next?

Excerpt from article:

And just in case you needed more proof of Avidia's cutting-edge attitude toward banking technology, the day after they announced they were accepting ApplePay, the bank launched Avidia Pay for businesses. A Bank Centric Payments™ platform powered by linked2pay, Avidia Pay provides state-of-the-art electronic payments capabilities to businesses, other banks, associations, ISOs and merchants...

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Payments 2016

Community banks embrace fintech to meet technology demands

The featured article in the February 1st, 2016 edition of the Worcester Business Journal spotlights the various approaches banks in New England are taking to keep pace with technology innovations. The prominent images within the article are of Cliff Thompson, the business development officer at Avidia Bank. Cliff discusses how the bank partnered with linked2pay to deliver Avidia Pay...

"The linked2pay platform is a multi-level platform that includes administrative tools and serves as a low-cost delivery system for credit card, electronic check and ACH payments."

Cliff Thompson
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We will be at TRANSACT 16

TRANSACT 16 is the event for payments technology. Produced by the Electronic Transactions Association, the world’s largest payments industry trade group. TRANSACT 16 is where you make connections, secure partners and funding, and leverage emerging technologies.

We will be exhibiting with Avidia Bank in booth number 1132.

About the host - The Electronic Transactions Association is the leading trade association for the payments industry, representing 500 companies worldwide who offer electronic transaction processing products and services. The purpose of ETA is to influence, monitor and shape the payments industry by providing leadership through education, advocacy and the exchange of information.

Integrated Bank Payment Platform Creates Opportunities for ISOs

Avidia Bank has been operating a new integrated platform for a few weeks that brings together third-party processor compliance, risk management, ACH and card payment acceptance, and remote deposit capture on one platform.

That's good news for acquirers and independent sales organizations who normally deal with separate systems to accomplish all of that when bringing merchant clients to the bank for payment and financial services. The bank, of course, benefits as well.

Prior to Avidia working with linked2pay to deploy Bank Centric Payments, many of those services were handled manually with tons of paperwork...

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Northeast Acquirers Association (NEAA)

We will be at the annual NEAA conference

The annual NEAA conference provides an educational forum that covers the most current industry issues, trends and topics. Our CMO, Richard McShirley will be in attendance and networking with existing and potential new partners.

About the host - The Northeast Acquirers Association (NEAA) serves as an Educational Forum for Financial Institutions and ISO's / MSP's / MLS's in the acquiring industry. NEAA is a non-profit, non-membership regional association chartered to serve the needs for all merchant acquiring payment professionals.