As your tech-savvy payments partner we can instantly expand and optimize the payment solutions that you already offer your clients. Our role as a partner is to provide a turnkey, bank integrated platform (via interface or API) that seamlessly delivers card, award-winning ACH (including same-day), Real-Time Payments (RTP) and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) - as a white label through your website and all under your branding.

"A Real-Time Payment (RTP) lets you move funds from one bank account to another account at a completely different bank, for a flat fee and in about a second...."


Here are some insights and examples of how we deliver payments processing efficiency:

We have also seen our reseller activity increase sharply and the platform accommodates us to scale with the growth.

Bart Murphy Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer at Avidia Bank
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We are excited to work with linked2pay as a partner in the delivery of real-time payments. The consolidation of risk-management and payment solutions on the Bank Centric Payments platform is ideal as a host environment. It gives our mutual bank and channel partners an extraordinary Real-Time and ACH value package as they promote faster payments.

Travis Dulaney CEO of Push Payments

Simplifying the adoption of payments as a service is critical for financial institutions to remain competitive in the future. A bank-centric approach solves the problems and complexity of putting the systems in place for all parties in the payment process to access the tools and solutions they need in a scalable manner, Pirnie said. "A single, fully integrated platform can replace what would normally require three vendors and an integrations project in order to launch.

Rayleen M. Pirnie Owner of RP Payments Risk Consulting Services, LLC



Now any merchant who uses Salesforce and Bank Centric Payments can connect the two in just a few clicks, enabling real time payments, recurring billing and payment link emails directly from where their customer data lives.

David Hecht Co-Founder of AppFrontier

I can see why developers would like adding payment solutions that give their business clients the most direct path to the bank that actually processes the transactions. It's not only logical, but it's a better solution design approach.

Jeff Hadfield Developer Market Consultant & Analyst, 1564B

The ease of integration and the added value of ACH payment acceptance for our clients were key positives for us. If we would have known how easy the linked2pay API project was, we would have done it much sooner. The potential savings in the fees for our user base by accepting payments via ACH are significant. What really tips the scales, especially in the private club business, is that ACH is outside of PCI scope. So the ACH feature replaces storing a club member’s credit card on file for end of month member billing. As the card associations continue to shift liability to our golf club merchants, we continue to look for ways to minimize or eliminate the merchant from PCI scope while still providing secure and reliable payment ecosystems.

Rick Robshaw CEO Club Prophet Systems



When the payment needs to happen NOW

This enables partners on the bank integrated platform to offer both Real-Time and ACH payments, including same day, as their own fully integrated, white-labeled solution.

Example applications for real-time funds transfer include: corporate disbursements for contractors & services, insurance claim payouts to providers, commission & reward disbursements, account to account transfers, loan disbursements, and Business to Consumer (B2C) payments or funds transfers.

Same Day ACH with award-winning delivery

Helping merchants get paid faster

We make it easy to offer your merchants Same Day ACH in a way that assures a secure, high-quality delivery of this in-demand payments option.

It starts with our merchant online registration which includes Same Day ACH as an option. A 'My Balance' feature provides confirmation prior to sending an ACH credit. You can send a payment via email or through Virtual Terminal (up to $25,000.00 per transaction). Security features include pin protection that limits access or use of Same Day ACH feature.

Automated Approval and On-boarding:

Streamline on-boarding to help merchants get setup quickly

As a merchant registers online their information is validated; if they score in accordance with the automated acceptance criteria (set by the ODFI) they are approved and on-boarded. This level of service reflects positively on our partners by delivering a more convenient experience for merchants.

Merchants that score below the automated acceptance criteria set by the ODFI will be prompted to provide additional information, still in a paperless manner.

I had heard that an ACH payments Auto Approve feature was being added to the platform to make it faster and easier for our merchants to apply for service online. Little did I know I'd be the first sales person to witness it happen in the field. My merchant completed the registration, clicked submit and immediately got a welcome email so they could login and start accepting ACH payments. It was simple and impressive to say the least.

Jim Malcolm Veritas Payment Advisors

Fintech, Payments and Banking

Create opportunities by leveraging fintech and payments industry knowledge...

Have your white label solution in minutes

This video illustrates how Avidia Bank delivers payments innvoation working with their integrated ISO partners.

Our collaborative approach helps all parties enjoy a more streamlined payments process.


Whether you are a bank or ISO...it's easy

As your payments technology partner we provide you with a platform ready for you to rapidly adopt and take to market.

It starts with our merchant online registration which includes Same Day ACH as an option. A 'My Balance' feature provides confirmation prior to sending an ACH credit. You can send a payment via email or through Virtual Terminal (up to $25,000.00 per transaction). Security features include pin protection that limit access or use of Same Day ACH feature.

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