Our cloud-based payments solution platform is bank integrated

Everyone is looking for faster and more innovative payment solutions that are easy and affordable to implement. We provide everything - from an automated risk-managed environment for paperless registration, underwriting and onboarding, to the delivery of ACH (that includes Same Day options), RDC and credit card (that includes real-time options) payment solutions. Not only is our award-winning approach faster and scalable, but it factors in the ongoing delivery of future solutions that can be added or adjusted as you move forward to meet the unique and changing needs of your business.

The payment options include: online forms, mobile, text, email, virtual terminal, phone (IVR), shopping cart checkout and remote deposit (RDC). These options accommodate any tech skill level and can be delivered via an intuitive interface and/or a full library of APIs as a versatile building block approach for payments process automation.


Recurring Payments

Custom Receipts

Tailored Reporting

Convenience Fees

Easy Setup

Highest Security


Encryption at Rest

Swipe, PIN and Signature

Live Help Support

No Tech Skills Required

No Software Downloads

Full API Library

Integrated with Dropbox

Paperless Registration